The Blog

I hate coming up with titles. Are they really necessary?

The Blog.

Here you can read my thoughts, reflections, and ramblings.

I will do my best to make sense.


I don’t have a flexible mindset. I just don’t. I know this is a pretty common trait for autistic people: I know we are supposed to like our routines and have a hard time adjusting to change. But I want to generalize, nor have I learned enough about autism to be able to explain everythingContinue reading “Flexibility”

Disclosure & Shame

It’s a Saturday morning, and I was planning on writing a post on independence. As a college student who has been living at home for the past nine months due to COVID, one of the things that I miss the most is the independence that I had when I lived on campus. But then, myContinue reading “Disclosure & Shame”

Introduction & Identity

Hello. As you might have figured out from the title, this is an introduction post. Throughout my entire life, I always wanted to start a blog, or do a long term writing project. I never had the stamina to stick with anything for a long time. Why would thing be different? I don’t know. WhatContinue reading “Introduction & Identity”

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